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Can you create surrealism in a world of reality?

Welcome to my contest, where I'm looking for a piece of artwork that can depict this theme in the most intersting and impactful.


Surreal Reality.
changing the fallacy of stereotypical representation.


1st January 2010

Stuck for ideas?

Check out some famous surreal artists, e.g. Margitte, Yvey, Salvador...


- Can be ANY media. Even culinary. :P
- Please, no entries containing mature content. (I know it's still art, but I want this contest to be open to people of all ages.)
- You can enter up to TWO entries.
- They must be new entries, made specifically for this contest (or atleast dated after 7th November).
- If the connection between your piece of art and the theme isn't clear at first sight, explain it briefly in the comments.
- You can donate and still enter the contest.

Please advertise the contest in your Artist's Comments so more people can join and blow this contest wide open.


1-month feature from CitrusEcstasy---x
journal feature from golddfische


If you're willing to donate a prize to this contest (it could be free and effort-less, like a journal feature) just send me a note, and i'll smack your name and prize donation right on the list.

Hope to see your entries, I can tell you've got an idea of what you could do already, without even thinking about it. ;]

spygirl24 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2009
where do we put our pics for the contest???
CitrusEcstasy---x Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2009
just send them to me in a note. ;]
CarrotTopTheAwesome Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
step out of the box and turn it into a pie made me LOL.
might enter :)
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November 7, 2009


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